Thursday, December 31, 2009

White Bean Soup

Now that winter has arrived in full force, our bellies crave something warm. There is nothing like coming home to a crock pot full of warm soup. This White Bean Soup is a family favorite. I prefer to make it with dry beans (they are cheaper), but I am including the instructions if you need to use canned. Dry beans require an overnight soaking. Sometimes canned are more convenient.

White Bean Soup
1 lb. dry or 4 12oz. cans Great Northern or Navy Beans
1/4c. Dry onion flakes
4 carrots, chopped
2c. Chopped ham or 1 Kielbasa sausage
2t. thyme
Chicken bouillon

Add all ingredients into slow cooker or pot. If using dry beans, cover with 5-6 cups of water and add 5-6 teaspoons chicken bouillon. If using canned beans, add about 2 cans of water and add 4 teaspoons chicken bouillon. In the crock pot heat on low 6 hours. If using a pot, heat to boiling then simmer 1 hour or until carrots and beans are cooked.
Enjoy and don't forget your apron!

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